- Edd COpe -





Hello & Welcome

I’m Edd Cope, a freelance photographer proud to be living in the incredible city of Bristol.

I can vividly remember taking my first photos and being blown away that I could freeze precious moments in time. This feeling still happens every time I press the shutter button. Photography has taught me to truly appreciate the world around me and it is a pleasure to inject my positivity and warmth into a photo.

I started out in the fast paced world of motorsport photography and have since developed my skills to suit a variety of situations and subjects. Travelling truly opened my eyes to the beauty all around us and diversity of people, I was able to capture situations that told a story and this has shaped the way I approach my work.

Please get in touch for a chat, the opportunity to work with you would be incredible - I’m always on the look out for exciting new opportunities.



Stephanie & David Wedding: “Look no further for your wedding photographer! Edd did a fantastic job shooting our wedding day. It's not often a service can be described as perfect, but that's exactly what Edd provided. Edd took the time to take the lead on planning the day's shooting, was happy to cater the shots to our requests and even suggested a few things we hadn't thought of. We barely noticed Edd on the day yet he was always in the right place to capture the perfect photo - that's exactly what you want in a wedding photographer! Overall, Edd went above and beyond the call of duty and the result is a set of wedding photos that are not only exactly what we asked for but exceeded our expectations and we will cherish them forever.”

Sophia - The Coffee House Project: “Edd was a total pleasure to work with from beginning to end. With a passion for the subject, he executed the brief brilliantly and we couldn’t be happier with the results. We have some great shots (and memories) from the festival and our sponsors and partners were really pleased with the results. We would thoroughly recommend Edd for live events and festivals.”

Jake - Manager at Blockwork Stokes Croft: “Having Edd in with us for a morning of shooting was such a pleasure. Edd is a really easy and creative person to work with. In just a couple of hours he created a collection of photos which perfectly summed up the vibe in our shop. Edd was incredibly professional with our clients often going out of his way to capture shots of them in different locations near to our shop. Edd has a really good sense of personal space.. he's able to capture picture without you realising he's there. The turn around of getting the pictures back was super quick. I can't wait to work with Edd again.”

Jo Thompson - Triple Co Roast: ‘We are so happy with the photos Edd took for us when he came in. He has an eye for angles and interesting perspectives, which left us with a really dynamic set of photos. He was really great at capturing the feel of our company. Would absolutely recommend if you are looking for professional photos for your business. Plus he’s an all round legend and awesome guy to work with.’